How to optimize Windows10 for better FPS in games – If you ended up here, you’re probably unhappy with your PC’s performance. There may be several reasons, but one of them is Windows 10. It’s no secret that this operating system is quite voracious. So, maybe it’s time to put it on a diet and start using the legitimate power of your PC? In this material, we will consider ways to optimize “10”, which will help to significantly increase the FPS in your favorite video games. All manipulations are recommended to perform on Windows 10 Pro. If you have Windows 10 Home or another version, you need to upgrade by simply activating the key, which can be found on the Internet.

Creating a restore point

You should start by creating a restore point, which will return the system to its original state, if something goes wrong or the final result is not satisfied.

Disabling Windows Updates and Delivery Optimization

The second step is to disable pesky Windows updates and delivery optimization, which uses system and Internet resources to pass updates to other users. Yes, you signed up for this yourself in your Windows 10 license agreement.


The third step is to use the system’s Quick Performance feature and remove unnecessary window animations that burden your iron in one way or another.

Adjusting settings and optimizing Windows performance

– Uninstall unnecessary applications; – Disabling Windows components; – Disabling file indexing; – Privacy settings; – Uninstalling unnecessary programs.

Restart your PC

After all the operations, it is recommended that you restart your computer. If everything works fine and you feel sorry for the amount of memory used to create the restore point, you can delete it.


Rest assured that Windows 10 optimization is able to increase FPS in your favorite game. It is not hard to notice that after the manipulations done, the PC will start working much faster. The method was tested on a weak computer and the average frames per second in CS:GO went up from 50 to 110. We hope that it worked for you too.