Fortnite Cheat Codes. Over the course of a couple of years, Fortnite has gone from being a small experiment to being a true rock star. Contracts with major brands, collaborations with world stars and mind-blowing virtual events that attract millions of viewers. Surprising players not only with exciting gameplay, but also with a variety of events, the Epic Games project has earned the title of a global cultural phenomenon. If this phenomenon has passed you by – now you will know what you have lost.

Fortnite for is its unique building mechanics

The first thing you should play Fortnite for is its unique building mechanics that you won’t find in other battle royals. For beginners, this aspect can be confusing and create additional difficulties when mastering the game, but over time you realize how useful it is.

Firstly, you can always create a shelter for yourself if the enemy caught you by surprise in an open area, where you can hide behind a rock. Even in-game tips recommend immediately placing a wall in front of the enemy if they open fire on you. The advice is really sensible and more than once saved me from fire from both sides.

Secondly, construction mechanics allow you to outsmart the enemy or gain an advantage in battle. The most popular strategy in Fortnite: Build a springboard to attack an enemy from above, or jump on an enemy with a shotgun for a surprise attack. Other players create full-fledged traps from their buildings, since the toolkit in Fortnite is not limited to walls and roofs. There are even spears that can be hung from the ceiling.

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