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Death Stranding is a completely new type of action game in which the player’s goal is to connect cities, isolated and divided societies. It was created in such a way that all elements, including plot and gameplay, are somehow connected with the theme of connection.

The game takes place in America in the near future, which has experienced a mystical explosion. The catastrophe literally erased the line between the worlds, thereby letting in our reality extremely dangerous otherworldly creatures – beached things, and putting all of humanity on the brink of extinction. Surviving Americans are scattered, and prefer life behind high walls in complete isolation to the ideas of restoring statehood.

The protagonist of the game is Sam Porter-Bridges, a delivery man working for the Bridges Corporation, which works closely with the remnants of the government. This character was gifted by Norman Reedus, an actor known to the general public, thanks to the role of Daryl Dixon from the TV series “The Walking Dead”

Our material can be used with the following consoles: PC / PS4. This list has been constantly updated from PC / PS4, i.e. since the game was released.

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