PUBG Cheat Codes. PUBG is the official game from the developers of Tencent Games, which was released back in the spring of 2018. She quickly gained momentum and gained popularity. In a short period of time, the game got into the TOP-1.

The game has several modes – in pairs, solo and team. You will only be able to play with a stable Internet connection, since everything happens online with other players. The main task facing the players in PUBG is to stay alive as long as possible, to fight opponents and in the end to remain the only survivor.

As with many popular games, PUBG comes with in-app purchases for real money. You can pump characters, buy weapons, improve them. Everyone wants it, but few people spend real money on it.

There are always workarounds – these are cheat codes. They are different – in the form of mods or special codes. They are divided into those that are sometimes released by the developers themselves as bonuses, and those that experienced players come up with and implement them into the system using special knowledge. All cheats give advantages to players in the form of add-ons, weapons, costumes, adding game currency, etc.

As you can understand from our article, using PUBG Cheat Codes does provide many benefits. And although the benefits of using them are obvious, we still recommend using cheats with caution in order to avoid the hated ban.