GTA 5 Cheat Codes. This game is based on an interesting legend about three friends who conquer Los Santos. The prototype of Los Santos is the famous American metropolis – Los Angeles. At the moment, the entire gaming space is the largest and most well-developed in the entire series of Grand Theft Auto games, which consists of the whole Blaine County with its many attractions and unique buildings, natural landscapes such as: deserts, picturesque forests, lakes … All the same gangs, all the same showdowns, personal life and entertainment, but now, not for one character, but for three! We can switch between them at almost any moment we need in the game.
Each hero has his own unique abilities and skills that he can develop, because they will come to the rescue in the most difficult moments of the game.

Tired of going through the storyline campaign and want to frolic in the vastness of Los Santos and Blaine County? On this page you can free download all known GTA 5 cheat codes for all platforms: PS3 / PS4, Xbox 360 / Xbox One and PC.

Please note: cheat codes are activated differently on different platforms. The classic way is to enter the code directly during the game (as in the old games of the series) or in pause mode (at the end of entering the code, be sure to press “start”). On PS4 / Xbox One consoles, codes can be entered through the phone by dialing the desired number. On a PC, you can activate cheat codes through the console (“~” or “\” on your keyboard), or through your phone.