In this material we have collected current promo codes for RAID: Shadow Legends. With their help, you will get free items and resources.

How to enter promo codes. What to do if the promo code does not work?

Once in the game, click on the following button and select “promo codes”: Keep in mind that only one promo code can be activated per day. Therefore, carefully study the reward and choose the one you need most at the moment. If a promo code doesn’t work, it may be out of date. Far from always appear information about until what time the bonuses work. If you encounter a combination that doesn’t work, write about it in the comments. Also, make sure you enter the promo code correctly. Otherwise, you may run into restrictions because you entered it incorrectly.

A promo code that works for sure at this point in time

RAIDXMAS21 – Entering this code will get you 1 rare volume, 10 white and blue medium potions, and another 100,000 silver.

Promo codes that are supposedly working or inactive at all

RAIDZIMA – this promo code will only work if you registered in the game using links from affiliate programs, of which there are probably many given the popularity of RAID: Shadow Legends. The promo code will allow you to get 2 rare volumes, 1 bottle of energy and 100,000 silver. RAIDHFNOV21 – This promo code will get you 1 experience booster, 1 energy bottle, 1 green beer, 1 rare volume and 2 chickens (3*). S1MPLE – presumably the code is active until January 28, 2022. Entering it will reward you with 1 experience booster (3 days), 4 cans of energy, 20 mugs of blue beer and 350,000 silver.