In the world of Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong the player can discover numerous vaults. Each vault contains useful items that will come in handy in the future. Our guide shows you all the codes available for safes in the game.

1. Prince’s Vault. How to find the codes to the safe, computers and bookshelf.

In this episode, players will be able to find three codes:
  • The code safe in the archive is “9138”. The vault can be opened by Emem.
  • The computer in Jara Drori’s apartment is “1841”. Leisha has access to the device.
  • The computer in Caius Leto’s office is “4965”. Galeb can activate the device.
  • The bookshelf in Prince’s apartment is “BFDAC”. The puzzle can be solved by re-visiting the location for Emem. Hidden in the vault is secret information about the Prince. The answer is the notes, which are located to the left of the stairs.

2. Moore’s apartment. The codes to the safe, the mirror and the phone.

In this chapter, users will be able to discover three codes with the help of Galeb:
  • The code safe in Moore’s office is “040911”.  It is opened with a hidden button under the desk. Inside is an important document that will come in handy to protect the Masquerade. The answer to the riddle is on a painting in Moore’s daughter’s room. It bears the date of her fourth birthday, “04.09.15.” Subtract four years to get the answer.
  • The mirror in Moore’s room is “78728432”. The item can be used to dial phone numbers. The mirror will tell you the hidden location of Moore. The solution to the mystery is the Pura Vida telephone number found throughout the house.
  • Jasona’s phone is an “M”. Reveals the hero’s access to Moore’s phone. The clue is painted on the blackboard in the daughter’s room.

3. loft. The code to the briefcase.

Leisha will only be able to discover one code:
  • The briefcase in the kitchen is “6159”. The storage unit is located to the right of the forensic area. Inside is the document that will be needed to protect the Masquerade. The answer to the riddle is hidden in the wine cellar behind the room with the briefcase.

4. Long Island. How to open the locker and safe in the doctor’s office.

Galeb will be able to find three hidden codes:
  • The safe in the doctor’s office is “423”. Hidden inside is a green implant chip. The hero will recognize the code if he spares and convinces the doctor to tell the password.
  • The locker in the locker room is “1492”. Henry’s vault is located to the left of the entrance. There is a protective suit hidden inside. The answer is on the desk in the hospital room.
  • The desk with the code lock is “8070”.  A door opens to meet the head of the treasury department. The code can be determined from the book the treasurer recovers in the treasury.

5. Anarch Domain. How to unlock the computer, laptop, phone and doors.

Emem will be able to find six codes in the episode:
  • Computer – “3764”. The heroine will gain access to the Anarch’s device. The answer is hidden in the ledger in the file cabinet on Gladys.
  • The laptop is “1234”.  Located in the same room as the computer. It gives access to another one of Anarch’s devices. The answer is also hidden in the ledger on Gladys.
  • The phone is “1969”.  It is located on the edge of the table to the left of the entrance. There is a picture of an astronaut, so the answer is the date men landed on the moon.
  • The posters are “cross/plus” (note the screenshots).
  • The door is “568974”.  The password is hidden in a secret room in the back of the barge, opens the exit from the location.
  • Rafa’s computer is “05161991”. Provides useful information. The answer is hidden on an old newspaper.

6. Scarlet Salon. The code from the bookshelf.

Leisha will discover only one code in this episode:
  • The bookshelf is “534”. The information about the code is hidden on the computer in Richard’s underground office. Provides access to his secret room, which contains a clue to solve the puzzle that follows. Arrange the swans in “2-4-3-1” order.

7. All codes from the SAD base.

In this location all heroes will find a total of nine codes:
  • The computer in the prison – “822614”. The device is located to the right of the entrance. Provides Galeb with information about the guard patrols. The clue is hidden in a locker along with all of the vampire’s stolen items.
  • The computer is “539861”. Reveals the names of the officers with which Leisha can enter the facility.
  • Computer – “198124188”. Provides Leisha with information about Halsey. The clue is hidden in the file cabinet under “C-23”.
  • The gate to the complex is “0158”. Opens Amen’s access to the complex. The code is listed on the ceiling fan.
  • The chip printing device is “846136908”.  Used by Galeb to grab a new green implant chip. The code can be found on Stanford’s desk.
  • The computer in Stanford’s office is “964512243”. It will give Galeb access to the safe. The clue can be found using Stanford’s location.
  • The safe in office #13 is “050211”. Inside the vault lies a potion and documents. The code can be found at the entrance to office #11.
  • Holzy’s incinerator is “260296”.  Emem will stop the chamber to save Halsey. The clue is hidden in a drawer on the east side of the room.
  • The mainframe server is “09092015”. Leisha will send the virus through the mainframe. The code can be detected on the server.