The authors of the cooperative zombie shooter Back 4 Blood presented playable characters – contrary to the name, there were eight of them.

The complete list and abilities are as follows:

  • Walker (war veteran) – hitting accuracy increases after successful kills, and he also has increased damage and the ability to heal partners;
  • Doc (doctor) – a bonus to healing at low health and more effective healing in general. In addition, team members receive less damage with it;
  • Carly (scout) – senses various dangers, adds a speed bonus to allies and has an additional slot in the quick access of the inventory;
  • Jim (sniper) – hitting accuracy increases damage and there is a bonus to speed, and with him, allies inflict more damage on the vulnerable spots of opponents;
  • Hoffman (in charge of supplies) – killing enemies brings fresh ammo, plus his participation increases the size of the team’s clips and there is an additional slot for a special item;
  • Avengelo (newcomer to the team) – knows how to escape from the capture of the enemy, stamina is restored, and his presence gives a bonus to the speed of the group;
  • Mom (walks with a double-barreled gun) – everyone in the team with her gets one life, and the heroine herself has her own slot for additional inventory, and besides, she can instantly revive allies;
  • Holly (wielding a bat) – kills restore stamina, which at the same time increases for the whole team. In addition, the heroine has resistance to damage.
In addition, in the video, they casually mentioned different types of enemies, including the Destroyer, the Witch, the Ogre, and so on. The team of heroes, by the way, calls itself the “Cleaners”. Back 4 Blood will be released on October 12 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. Earlier, the authors talked about the card system that formed the basis of the entire game.