Another addition to the Steam service with free projects. Six games, including Double world, went to a completely free distribution model. Cave song castle, Acheron’s Souls, Mega Solitaire Collection, Knightczech: The beginning, Golf Party and AQRA Tenses. Double world. cave song castle is an anime side-scroller action game in which players must fight monsters in a dark world with dark magic.

Acheron’s Souls is a turn-based strategy game with elements of a multiplayer board game. Players fight in an arena designed for eight participants. The main task is to stay alive. The game has several modes, including a royal battle.

Mega Solitaire Collection is a collection of 70 different solitaire variations with sets of cards in anime, fantasy and cute animal styles.

Knightczech: The beginning – 2D-adventure action with platformer elements in the spirit of Hollow Knight, which takes place in the dark kingdom of Eurythia. According to the developers, the game is very hardcore. There are two modes: classic and story mode.

Golf Party is a three-dimensional mini golf simulator with multiplayer support for up to 20 players. The game has several maps and modes.

AQRA Tenses is an unusual racing game to help you learn English. In particular, it is aimed at learning the tenses. The player’s task is to choose the right answer in a sentence while driving.

Six games have become free forever in Steam