Developers from the Russian studio GFA Games have presented the debut gameplay trailer for Pioner. Pioner is a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter with elements of survival simulator, MMO and RPG. Among the features of Post-apocalyptic shooter Pioner:
  •  a system of customization and creation of weapons (including with the help of components of artifacts or energy of anomalies);
  • character progress system, which opens access to new suppliers of weapons and quests;
  • story missions (some of them are separate closed locations);
  • special arenas and a large piece of the island for PvP;
  • interaction between factions (4 in total, you can join 2) and quest chains of factions to get the desired ending of the game;
  • the ability to occasionally influence the ending or the situation in a faction or region by your choice;
  • simulation of life (time of day affects the activity of characters, groups, bandits and monsters).
The authors note that the development of Pioner in its current form and the current team has been carried out for no more than two years. The first release is scheduled for later this year. In addition, developers only choose the distribution model. According to them, “the choice of free-to-play for the game will be possible only in the event of a critical development of the situation in the world or if the players find this model more attractive, but they definitely do not.”