The creators of the game Icarus released a story trailer with live actors that told the backstory of the world. This is reported by the edition.

This is a session survival game created by DayZ author Dean Hall and studio RocketWerkz. In the story, the first expedition to Icarus trailer recalls how the search for a new home for humanity turned out. The planet was not initially adapted to life, which was supposed to be changed by terraforming, but something went wrong. Most of the expedition members left the planet, but some of the pioneers remained.

Everything changed when the people on Icarus found a rare and very expensive element. After that, the orbit over the planet turned into a permanent base for expeditions. Players will have to complete tasks on the surface of Icarus within a limited time.

The gameplay itself is expected to be unveiled on Thursday, April 8th. The premiere of the new game will take place this year, but there will be early access, which will open the first chapter called The First Cohort.

We will remind, earlier announced that Sony has confirmed plans to close the web versions of digital stores for the PlayStation 3, PSP and PlayStation Vita game consoles.

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