In the Fallout universe there has always been a place for all sorts of strange things and various references. Over the years, fans managed to find more and more surprises from the developers, and Fallout 4 is no exception – it has been more than five years since its release, and the interest to the secrets still remains. Curious fans of the game were able to find a lot of “Easter eggs” in the game, but only a few of them succeeded to find all of them. It is not surprising: the world of Fallout 4 is immense, we can explore it for hours, and at this scale it is really easy to miss some implicit hints. And there are a lot of them, and sometimes it is not easy to find: they are hidden on the roofs of buildings, under the cracks in the ground or even in the middle of the densely built-up city. Some, on the contrary, may be in a prominent place, but not all recognize the Easter eggs in them. We have prepared a collection of Fallout 4 secrets for you – the list may not be comprehensive, but includes the most interesting secret places, successful references and even special loot. Get ready to hit the road – we’re off to see the local sights. A huge team of people worked on Fallout 4, and they all put a piece of themselves into the game. Including in the form of references to their favorite works of art, whether it’s movies, literature or anything else. Throughout the Commonwealth you can find various Easter eggs, giving yet another reason to remember that the game was created by people, each with their own preferences and hobbies. Let’s take a look at some of them.


In Fallout 4 there are a lot of references to the works of different famous authors, from Howard Lovecraft to Henry Thoreau. One of these, related to Edgar Allan Poe, is one that players miss quite often. After helping the Minutemen retrieve their old base, you get to explore the bowels of this imposing citadel. There, deep in the basement, surrounded by his impressive wine collection, is where General McGann found his final resting place. A closer inspection of the room reveals that he is not the only one who was not destined to leave the room alive. One of the walls behind the brickwork hides a reference to Edgar Poe’s 1846 work “The Cask of Amontillado.” In this short story, the narrator describes how he avenged his comrade for past wrongs (which may well have been imaginary) by inviting him to his house to taste expensive wine, getting him drunk, and then walling him up alive in the wall of his house. In General McGann’s room behind the wall hangs a skeleton who suffered the same fate – there are even bottles of the same wine lying nearby. Interesting fact: Poe is thought to have written the story under the impression of a story where soldiers had a lieutenant who killed another lieutenant in a duel walled alive in revenge. And it happened, if we believe the legend, in the same fort, which served as a prototype for the Castle location. Perhaps there was no better place for such a reference.


Fallout 4 has many references to movies and TV series that were popular in the eighties, especially with English-speaking audiences. One such series is the domestic comedy “Cheers,” where the action takes place in a bar, and its owner and bartender, Sam Melone, chats up regulars Norm and Cliff time and time again. Just southwest of the Massachusetts State Capitol, across from the Swan Pond gazebo, is an unmarked location called very similarly, the Cheers Bar! Inside, the setting of the bar from the TV series has been carefully recreated: there’s a fan corner devoted to baseball, and even two familiar-looking patrons at the center counter-though in the form of skeletons.


There are also references in Fallout 4 to the equally iconic Blade Runner, and not just one, but two. The first can be seen in Diamond City, if you take some time and walk around the local stores and stalls. In the middle of the market, you’ll find the energetic noodle store, run by a robot named Takahashi. If you say hello to him, he’ll answer “Nan-ni shimasu-ka” (you can translate as “what do you want?”), the same question Harrison Ford’s character Deckard was asked at the noodle shop at the beginning of the movie, and also by a robot. The other reference is harder to find. Go to the Mass Fusion warehouse between Breakhart Banks and General Atomics Galleria, walk around the building and see a pipe that you can climb up to the roof. There you’ll find a scene from the ending of Blade Runner: a disabled synth kneeling, and in front of him, a raider corpse in familiar clothing. Even the arrangement of the bodies here is straight from the movie, except there Deckard survived the encounter on the roof, while his version here is, alas, unlucky.  


And another movie reference. Perhaps everyone has heard of Titanic, both the ill-fated liner itself and the 1997 film, where the love story unfolds against the backdrop of its wreck. The scene where Jack and Rose find themselves together for the last time was the most memorable in the movie, and one of the most tragic in the movie. The Fallout 4 team decided not to ignore it and added a corresponding reference in the Far Harbor add-on. Once you are in Far Harbor, walk to the lake just north of the Core and you’ll see a familiar picture: there is a door floating on the surface of the water, and on it – two skeletons, one lying on top, the other clinging to the edge and being in water up to his waist. Ironic: this time the makeshift raft definitely would have had room for two, but in the end no one escaped.


This passé serves as both a reference and the beginning of a very entertaining side quest. In the 2008 film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the protagonist finds himself in a nuclear blast zone and hides in a refrigerator to escape. By some miracle he succeeds, and after the explosion he continues his adventures without getting a scratch. Just south of University Point and east of Jameica Plain you can find an unremarkable refrigerator, and in it is a boy named Billy, who seems to have been inspired by the movie about the great adventurer and decided to repeat his trick when the nukes started dropping. He can be freed and helped to find his parents, who by coincidence are still alive and well, if you can say that about people who have turned into ghouls. Of course, they will be eternally grateful to you for the return of their boy. This is the second reference to the refrigerator scene in the Fallout universe. Similar clue is present in Fallout: New Vegas, only there a local Indiana wannabe was not so lucky: after finding the fridge player finds out that the man inside it is just a skeleton and a hat. Apparently, not all refrigerators were equally well prepared for nuclear war…


Among the secrets hidden here and there all over the map, there are not only cultural references, but also just curious places that you can accidentally stumble upon only by intentionally exploring the area. Most of these places are unmarked, but there are also those where the mark is there, and the secret itself can be missed if you are not looking carefully. Here are some interesting Fallout 4 locations, where usually a person does not set his foot.


This location is marked on the map, so it’s not hard to find – head west of the Greentop Greenhouse and then go to the center of the residential area. It seems that because of seismic activity there has formed a gap that destroyed the houses and communications. From the outside the place looks just like a pit filled with debris, but it’s not that simple. Descend carefully and be prepared to face the Death Claw who has settled in. At the bottom it will become clear that the gap leads to an underground cave, which can be accessed by jumping into the stream of water. In the cave there’s a lake, a few corpses, radtaracans, a cooking station and a magazine, which you’ll definitely need. Back to the surface you have to go back through the basement of the ruined house, and you should be careful: on the way you will meet several hostile googles.


The world of Fallout 4 is not only terrible monsters, ruthless bandits and suffering settlers. Northeast of Walden Pond there is an inconspicuous little place where you can take a break from the struggle for your life, from the constant search for resources, and at the same time from the surrounding negativity, at least for a while. It is a small hut, full of seals. Here you will find a real cat kingdom, where even on the walls hang pictures of cats. You may have run by without paying attention to it, but now you know you can interact with the furry creatures here. A rather atypical place for a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and one that deserves a place on our list.


How about a real death maze, something in the vein of the Saw movies? The Commonwealth has one – a full-fledged horror house. Its entrance is located between Milton Hospital and Fallon’s Department Store, and to make sure you don’t miss it, someone has thoughtfully added directional arrows around it. Inside there are traps, goolies, labyrinthine corridors, and a horror movie-like atmosphere. If you survive, two boxes of loot await you at the end of the journey. But it’s too early to relax – you still need to figure out which one of the boxes can be opened, because one of them will explode as soon as you try to climb into the other one.  


This place doesn’t have much to offer; its only purpose is to surprise you and amuse you. You should look for it to the northeast of the OBB-915 relay tower; it’s a simple garage standing at the edge of a steep slope. Inside you won’t find any special items or even enemies, but there will be plenty of propane tanks and wooden rails looking up into the sky over the Commonwealth. Shoot the valve of one of the cylinders lying on the rails and it will rush into the air, propelled by a burning jet, and then explode colorfully. What’s the practical point? No, but it’s fun! After all, why not take a break from building settlements and shooting raiders, and give yourself a little fireworks display.


The world of Fallout 4 is full not only of dangers, but also of different collectibles, magazines and rare weapon models. Many of these items are connected with the quests and you will get them in the end, but some of them are hidden, and only the most curious can get them. Here are a few of these trophies.


What is Fallout without power armor. Mechanized armor can make your life a lot easier and make travel through not the friendliest places of the Commonwealth a lot safer. To get it is quite realistic – the armor of the classic model T-60 can be found throughout the game world, and not to say that very rarely. However, if you want something cooler, you have to look hard. A great option for more advanced armor is X-01 armor, parts of which you can sometimes find during your adventures. However, it takes a very long time to collect the complete set this way, and it’s not exactly reliable. It’s much better to get the whole armor at once, having fulfilled the necessary conditions. To the east of the Good Neighborhood, next to Fanel Hall, there is a building called “35 Court”. It’s dangerous inside, but the reward is worth the risk: After you’ve dealt with all the robotic guards, you’ll get access to two red buttons, which, when pressed, will give you the full set of X-01 power armor. However, this will only happen if your character is level 26 or higher – a lower level character is more likely to get a simpler armor.


There are plenty of high places in Commonwealth territory. While climbing on rooftops, leaky bridges and obscenely narrow parapets many players have fallen down many times, and the meeting with the ground was not a pleasant one. It is especially dangerous to climb upwards for those who are too impatient to carefully make their way down in the way the game implies. Fortunately, there is an armor modification for just such cases – “Landing Armor”. With it you’ll be able to fall from any height and receive no damage. The only place to get it is on the top floor of the Mass Fusion Company building, north of the Good Neighborhood and west of the Fanel Hall. You’ll need power armor with a jetpack to get there by fair means, so if you haven’t already upgraded your character to the right level, you’d better go back there later. If you have everything you need, run up to the top floor and grab that useful set of parts from the locked safe.


Among the secrets of Fallout 4 there’s one that many players don’t even believe in its existence. Well, you betcha: there are a lot of people who wanted to search every corner of the game world looking for all the possible secrets the developers could hide, but for a countless hours spent this secret was never found. That’s the conclusion we can draw from what Fallout 4 producer Todd Howard said at the DICE summit in 2016. Since then, the secret has been haunting fans. They’ve turned every terminal, secret location, and underground tunnel in the Commonwealth upside down, but haven’t found anything like it. Well: maybe when you finish traveling through all the sights on our list today, you’ll be the one lucky enough to find it. Someone has to solve the last mystery of Fallout 4 sooner or later.